F U John McLaren

Ok, I’m of the mindset that a manager doesn’t really make that much of a difference to a team, but when they make god awful decisions two days in a row that lead to their teams losing and keep running out the same crappy lineup that has yet to score more than 5 runs this season, then my opinion starts to change.   John McLaren is a god awful manager who I personally hate right now.   If I saw him walking the street I’d punch him in his stupid squinty face.   As for yesterday, I don’t give a crap what Felix said in the 8th inning, he was cruising and he could’ve finished that game off.   Of course he wasn’t 100%, starting pitchers start off the game at 100% and gradually are less and less 100% as the game goes on, but as long as they are still getting hitters out and aren’t visibly fatigued, then you LEAVE THEM IN THERE!!!!!   Instead you decide to run out a guy who threw 30 pitches the night before and got roughed up just because he throws the baseball left handed and coincidentally so do the guys with the bat in their hands.   And if you buy in to this line of thinking, then why not bring in the lefty Ryan Rowland-Smith who in my opinion has the best stuff in that bullpen at the moment and has only been in ONE freakin game this year!!!!   Instead that squinty A$$CLOWN brings in O’Flaherty who promptly gives up a double and a walk, en route to losing the freakin game in the ninth.

   Then comes today where AGAIN McLaren goes to the obviously tired O’Flaherty in the 8th over Rowland-Smith and O’Flaherty gives up a run which was actually quite predictable, because the second I saw him coming out of the pen I said to myself “Why the hell is he going to O’Flaherty again? He’s gonna give up a run like he has the last 3 times he pitched and we’re gonna lose this freakin game.”  Well he predictably followed suit by giving up a bomb to Aubrey Huff and losing the game for us.   I mean what the hell, did Rowland-Smith sleep with his wife or somethin?   It makes no freakin sense, and he has proven to be a complete idiot who is incapable of being a good Major League manager.   I don’t care if the Mariners go on a 20 game winning streak, I think McLaren is a complete ****** who doesn’t know what the F he’s doing out there.    And sure, it’d help if this offense wasn’t so anemic and we could score some runs, but he’s also the guy who decided who makes and doesn’t make the club and running out this crappy lineup with the god awful Brad Wilkerson in it isn’t helping either.    I mean Jesus, I thought Wilkerson was gonna be bad, but this is just ridiculous.  I’d honestly rather have a pitcher at the plate right now, he just looks terrible at the plate and that’s being nice.   Then you’ve got all these people saying “Wilkerson sucks, we should start Mike Morse in right”  Well I’ve got news for you people, we’ve got a guy just chillin’ in the minor leagues who’s way better than both those hacks.   His name is WLADIMIR BALENTIEN!!!!  But we have a retard manager who loves to “stick with his veterans” that won’t allow the obviously more talented player to be in the big leagues.   These things are all really bothering me, and they are all things I predicted would happen before the season even started.   There comes a time when you need to realise that you need to put the most talented players on the field in the most important situations instead of sticking with your “Veterans”  and “Matchups”.   It’s just ridiculous.   Field the most talented team possible and put your most talented players in the most high-leverage situations.   But he won’t, because he thinks he’s too damn smart and he knows what he’s doing, well guess what Mac it ain’t working, and your team with the “Playoffs or bust” Mantra just got swept in a four game series by a team in rebuilding mode that also happens to be one of the worst teams in baseball.   Keep it up ya freakin genius, and see if you have a job in a couple of months.  


Game #3 Silva’s debut

Well after hearing some pretty bad Mariner related news to start the day off, the conclusion of this day left me feelin a bit better.   Carlos Silva’s debut was much better than I expected and he looked in complete control the entire game.   I’ve gotta say, although I’m concerned with the hitting, the Mariners starters so far have been everything I expected and then some.   If they can keep up what they’ve been doing then this is going to be a very good year.   Silva never really got in to too much trouble, was locating his pitches and looked very good.   If he pitches like that all year then we’re gonna be in pretty good shape.   Now, as for the offense.   Can we give up on this having Richie bat cleanup experiment already?  I don’t see why if you have the exact same $hitty swing as you had last year and the same $hitty approach at the plate why you would expect for different results.   He just looks awful at the plate, and I don’t see that changing.   The same goes for Brad Wilkerson, I knew he would blow this year and so far he has done nothing to make me feel differently.   I just hope he keeps it up so we can see Wlad soon.  Well, it’s nice to go to sleep feeling good about the win tonight as opposed to last night when I barely got a wink.  Off day tomorrow, but the Rainiers start their season, so that’s somethin.   Next game Washburn vs. Loewen @3:30 pm on Friday.   Lets hope Adam Jones doesn’t go off on us, and I don’t wanna see Sherrill at all this series.  

Well that $ucked…

I had a very bad feeling that Josh Hamilton would hit the bejezus out of JJ’s fastball if he caught a lot of the plate with it on the first pitch.   I remember sayin to myself “Throw him a splitter first pitch”.   Then I saw Jamie Burke put down the fastball sign, then I remember sayin to myself “Don’t give him anything he can pull”.   I proceeded to witness Jamie Burke set up on the outside corner, so as long as JJ hit his spot we’d be ok…. but we weren’t, he missed by about two feet and Hamilton pulled it and hit the hell out of it like I feared he would.   All that work for nothin.   I’ve got a bad feeling that this team is gonna have a hard time scoring runs this year due to their lack of power and the fact that Richie Sexson is still the same crappy hitter we all knew deep down he’d continue to be.   But the good news is that we apparently have the pitching to still keep us in games even though our offense is gonna blow.   That was a pretty ugly game though on both sides, hopefully tomorrow we see a little better defense from everyone involved, cuz that game was kinda embarrassing.   Silva and Jennings @ 7:05 pm.   Lets hope Jennings pitches as awful as he did last year.

Opening day

Overall I’ve gotta say I’m quite pleased with todays game.   Excellent pitching and timely hitting are going to be the keys to this year, and today was a good example of those two things working the way we need them to.   I was definitely pleased with Bedard, although he threw a lot of pitches and had to leave after the fifth, I can’t say it was his fault.   That umpires strike zone was awful today and there was numerous pitches that could’ve gone either way, but what you could see is that the Rangers had a real tough time hitting Erik, and the only hard hit ball off of him was the homer, and even that was on a good pitch.   So overall, a good game by the M’s and hopefully a sign of things to come.

McLaren officially retarded

The season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already convinced of his incompetence to run this team.   It appears the Mariners are more concerned about keeping their players who are out of options rather than fielding the best team possible.   The  mariners are not in the National  league, there’s no need for a bench as deep as ours and there’s two guys on the bench in Cairo and Jimerson who we don’t even need.   Cairo is basically an older, slower version of Willie Bloomquist, and although I do like Jimerson, he just doesn’t really fit on this team.  He’s probably gonna get less playing time than Jason Ellison did last year, I mean other than an occasional defensive replacement and pinch runner, he’s not needed.   Another pitcher would be much more useful to this team, as would Jeff Norton.   I also like Cha Seung Baek, but the  Mariners should just let him go to a team that needs him and put Dickey in the pen, I mean come on, the guy deserves it.   Jimerson and Baek should have been let go and Morrow and Dickey should have made the team.   I just don’t understand it, but whatever.   We’ll see how things go, but I just don’t understand why you’d rather have two useless bench players who will barely ever get playing time over two pitchers that would be much more useful.

Well, so much for that…

Wladimir Balentien was cut today in order to play "every day" at AAA Tacoma when he should be playing "every day" in the major leagues. Whatever, I just don’t understand the mariners prospect development theory.   They rush their guys who they believe have the most talent through the minor leagues at a much quicker rate than most big league teams and when one of their prospects proves to you that he’s met every task you’ve given him and the next logical step would be to let him ascend to the top of his field and play at the major league level, the mariners just let them toil and waste their talent in the minor leagues while you have a marginal talent such as Brad Wilkerson who eats up 3 mil a year and has proven the last 2 years that he’s not worthy of regular playing time at the big league level.( Below.200 avg last year with 8 dingers away from Arlington) And you have a talent like Wlad’s kickin around the outfield in Tacoma.   The Mariners theory on rushing minor leaguers is like rushing somebody to the emergency room with a gunshot wound and then making them wait in the waiting room for 3 hours to allow the doctors to try and treat some "veterans" who have a little more "experience".

  Well, whatever.  I’m not the genius who is Bill Bavasi, so I should just shut up…..oh god, I can’t even say that with a straight face.   The truth is I’m just a 23 year old dude goin to school, but I even know that of the few things that I truly do know in this life, I could do a better job of being a GM than Bill Bavasi, but then again so could a chimp who was instructed to first pick 2 flashcards with numbers such as 4 and 48 and then to spin a twister board with marginally successful big league pitchers faces on it.  But I’d bet on the chimp makin’ a better deal.

Wlad for RF!

I know although we appear to have a stupid manager who makes decisions about his team based on who’s a "veteran" instead of who could actually help his team win games, I just want to state that I want Wladimir Balentien as our starting right fielder.   Wilkersons pathetic .198 batting average with 8 homers away from Arlington is the main reason why, plus Wlad is just more fun to watch and has a TON of power.   I just don’t understand why Mclaren already decided that Wilkerson’s his starting RF on opening day and didn’t even open it up to debate.   

Why so much loyalty to a guy who just signed with this team and who doesn’t perform at a high enough level to be a major league regular on a team that anticipates being in the playoffs?  It just seems stupid to me, I mean Wlads bat is major league ready and could very well match the same production that we got last year from Guillen but he’s being blocked because we signed a dude who *****.  Another nice move by the GM and manager.   We’ll see how long Mclaren sticks to his guns on this one, I’m hopin he gives up before the end of spring training.