I hate this F’ing team.

It’s a sad day when I just don’t care to watch Mariner games anymore, but this team has found a way for that to come to fruition.   I hate this team, I hate the idiots running it, and I hate the dissapointment they so frequently set me up for.   I’m just glad they got it out of the way early this year so I can spend the time I would’ve spent watching ball games on doing something more constructive.   The only thing I hope happens the rest of they year is for the Mariners to continue to play this bad so we can get an entire overhaul of the front office and management, because this organization has no idea how to put a baseball team together since Pat Gillick left.   Oh yeah, and we can maybe get the top pick in the ’09 draft!! (fingers crossed)  Whatever, I’m contemplating changing allegiances if Bill Bavasi keeps his job, I’ve heard rumblings of the Tampa Rays maybe relocating to Portland if they can’t get a new ballpark in Florida.   That’d be cool, then maybe the Pacific Northwest might have a baseball team with some talent.   Go Rays!


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