Don’t tweak

I know Balentien and Clement didn’t do too well today, but Paul Byrd is a very intelligent pitcher and he played on Balentien and Clement trying to be a little too over anxious and trying to impress people today.   Wlad is gonna have a few games like this throughout the year, and he clearly has a hard time recognizing sliders, but if he gets in a hitters count and can get hittable fastballs he’s not gonna miss many of them.  And that homer off of Cliff Lee yesterday is all the proof I need of his awesome power.   It’s just one game, and unfortunately they’re gonna have to face another really good pitcher tomorrow in Chien-Ming Wang, but we’ll see what these guys have got in this series against the Yanks.   Should be a good game.  I just hope this offense gets clicking, I don’t think the mariners have had double digit runs in like 3 weeks and it’s gettin a little old. 

   One thing we should be tweakin about is what the F is up with J.J.   It used to be that JJ would enter the game, and the game was over.   No question about it.   Now he’s already blown 3 saves this season, and that’s one more than he blew all of last year.   He didn’t look sharp today at all, his fastball was topping out at 92 and he couldn’t locate it for crap.   JJ used to throw 95+ on the black with ease.   His splitter is still sick, but somethin’s up with the heater.   I’m starting to think he might’ve come off the DL a bit too early because he wanted to help this team too much.   We need a healthy JJ for this team to do well this year, and he’s one of the most important players on this team.  When you’re a team that can’t score many runs and the games you do win are gonna be close, you need to have a dominant closer.   Look at Arizona with Valverde last year.  I hope he’s just a little rusty and needs some time to get back in a groove, but we can’t be having these 9th inning meltdowns anymore if we wanna win this year.  If you’re hurt JJ, take a break man, we’d rather have you healthy out there than not 100% and costing us wins.


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  1. wtfmariners

    “I don’t think the mariners have had double digit runs in like 3 weeks and it’s gettin a little old. ”

    agreed. 😦

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