Can we give up on this crap now?  I said before this season even started that we need Balentien and Clement in this lineup, and now it’s one month in to the season and it’s even more evident than before.   You’re a complete idiot Bill Bavasi, your team can’t score runs and you’ve made terrible decisions regarding the personnel of this team.   Call up your 2 most talented Minor leaguers and put them in this freakin lineup before it’s too late.   The experiment is over, Wilkerson sucks, Vidro sucks, and Sexson still sucks.   Our offense is awful and there’s two guys ready to make it not.   What the hell is the problem with this organization?   If you’re serious about winning this year then field the most talented offense you can.   Doesn’t take a genius.   I’m sick of watching our starters pitch great games, yet they don’t get a win cuz outr offense can score only a couple of runs to support them.  It’s just plain idiotic and ridiculous to keep sticking with these guys and expecting them to turn things around.




    Today is your lucky day, both Wilkerson and Greg Norton were cut while Balentien and Clement were brought up from triple-a:
    I have thought this for a while also, but in the last few games Wilkerson has actually started to come around. I still don’t think he is a deserving starter though. I just now found your MLB log (gross), so I caught up on all your past postings and I thought the same thing on two of your previous points, (1) where Felix was pulled in the 8th just to watch O’Flaherty suck his own ding and blow the game and (2) why the hell were they not putting in Rowland-Smith, but they have now somewhat fixed these issues.

    The biggest issues I have right now is with, the crappy offense i.e. Sexson, Vidro, Johjima, and Ichiro (for the time being anyway), the unstable/injured bullpen, and I don’t think Bedard will stay healthy. The offense and Bedard being healthy was a concern from the beginning of the season, but I really expected more from the bullpen.

  2. kwozzymariner

    I know dude, it’s weird, the last two times I made comments like that, the next day the mariners made that exact move. Coincidence? Definitely. But it’s still nice to see. Sucks that Clement and Balentien both kinda choked today against cleveland after kickin *** yesterday, but I kinda figured Paul Byrd would kinda take advantage of them both being a little too over anxious today and it showed. But that homer Balentien hit off of Cliff Lee yesterday is all the proof I need of his talent. There’s maybe only one other player on this team that could take a perfect pitch low and away and hit it out of the park, and that’s Beltre. He’ll have his growing pains as evidenced by the 3 strikeouts he had today, and he has trouble recognizing a slider coming out of the hand of the pitcher, but when he gets a good fastball to hit in a hitters count I don’t see him missing too many of them. Clement looks pretty damn good at the plate too. If Johjima keeps suckin ding then we need to play Clement more behind the plate, (and just think, our genius of a GM just signed him to a 3 year extension even though catcher is the deepest position the mariners have throughout the minor leagues) but I’m hoping Joh can turn it around, he atleast has a better track record than guys like Wilkerson and he’s always been a pretty streaky hitter. We should go to a game some time soon, maybe call up Ant or somethin. Gimme a call man, I lost your number like 4 months ago when I dropped my phone in the toilet and it got toasted.

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