Wow, somebody actually listened.

See what happens when you put the most talented players in the most important situations?   Ryan Rowland-Smith faces 5 batters to close the game out and retires them all in order.   He looked dominant out there and proved that he needs to be on the mound in high-leverage situations.  Once Morrow and Putz get back I think our pen will be in very good shape.   Bedard pitched OK today, not dominant or anything, but he also didn’t really get batted around at all.  The only hard hit ball was the homer to Riggleman and the rest were just bloopers and balls that found holes, not to mention that if Beltre would’ve just gone to first instead of making that error at second then I think his line would’ve been a lot different.   That being said, Bedard could’ve located his fastball a little better, but regardless of the 5 runs, he did pitch well enough to get his first win as a Mariner, so that’s really all that matters.    Oh yeah, and Richie didn’t look completely incompetent at the plate today…. Brad Wilkerson however on the two run single looked like he was completely surprised to even make contact with that ball.   Seriously, look at the replay.   Well, lets keep it goin with Wash tomorrow. Goodnight.


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