What I would do with the roster

  As we all know, spring training is approaching, and I just wanted to leave my two cents in relation to what I would personally do with this teams roster if I were the manager, and I know it may sound crazy to some of you, but I honestly think that fielding this roster everyday would give us the best possible chance at winning this year.   Balentien and Clement both have major league ready bats, and without them this lineup has a serious lack of power.   Vidro may blow, but he doesn’t blow as bad as Lopez, and Vidro’s bat makes up for his lack of defense at second, plus he’s not as bad there as he was with the Nationals, because he had bad knees back then, and a full year of DHing has allowed for his knees to heal up.   So anyways, no matter how unrealistic this may sound due to the managements aversion to playing veterans, here goes……

1. Ichiro CF

2. Beltre 3B

3. Ibanez LF

4. Sexson 1B

5. Johjima C

6. Clement DH/C/1B

7. Balentien RF

8. Vidro 2B

9. Betancourt SS

   Honestly, top to bottom I think that’s the best hitting talent this team can put together on a daily basis, and seeing how this teams biggest weakness is its offense, I think fielding these 9 batters will give us the best chance to win this year.   If anyone agrees or disagrees I’d like to hear it.   As for the bench, I see probably somethin like Bloomquist IF/OF, Jimerson PR/OF, Wilkerson 1B/OF and then one of Lopez, Burke or Morse.

   As for the rotation, I think everyone knows how that’s gonna turn out but I’ll post it anyways.

1. Bedard

2. Hernandez

3. Batista

4. Washburn

5. Silva

   Then comes the tough part, the bullpen.   I think it’ll shake out like this.

Closer: JJ Putz

8th: Morrow, O’Flaherty

7th: Green, Rowland-Smith, Lowe

Longman: R.A. Dickey

And that should do it.   I know I’m not the manager of this team, and there’s next to know chance in **** things will turn out this way, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.   If the Mariners are really serious about winning this year, then I think that this team will give them the best chance at doing so.



  1. papako1101@hotmail.com

    i agree with most of your lineup but i think that’s still a hard sell. I think silva will be your 3 or 4 starter and washburn being your 5. Just my opinion

  2. Cody

    I agree with washburn being number 5, but after Bedard and Felix it really doesn’t matter, so I just put down whoever. Plus I think it might be a little better to have a righty in the number 5 spot so you don’t go back to back lefties with bedard and washburn going 5 and 1.

  3. grinnen2@hotmail.com

    your rotation and bullpen look great but Willkerson makes too much money to sit on the bench. And you have completely forgot about Cairo who will occupy one bench spot. I would start the season with Lopez at second and by mid to late April if he has not made significant improvements then call up a youngster to get more pop out of the bat and better defence.
    So here goes my lineup

    1. Ichiro

    2. Vidro

    3. Beltre

    4. Ibanez

    5. Sexson

    6. Johjima

    7. Bentencourt

    8. Willkerson

    9. Lopez

  4. Cody

    I didn’t completely forget about Cairo, I just think he’s completely useless on this team and we have no need for him, therefore I left him off. He can’t hit, he can’t run, and he’s an okay second baseman fielding wise. As for Wilkerson, so what he makes a lot of money, if his production *****, which it does, (.235 BA, .315 OBP) in Arlington!!! He’s not very good and I think Wlad would be much better than him out there. I stick with my lineup, yours is the obvious more boring one.

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