Ichiro’s Matsuzaka comments

Am I the only one who thinks Ichiro’s comment in todays Seattle Times was a little strange?    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/mariners/2003659814_matsuzaka10.html

   Ichiro said in reference to facing Matsuzaka " I hope he arouses the fire that is dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul."   That’s some pretty deep stuff.  I swear sometimes Ichiro thinks he’s Socrates reincarnated or something.   

    But anyways, what I got from that comment is that Ichiro was basically saying that playing with the mariners these past 3 years and having a losing record in each one has killed his fire for the game and the only thing that can get that fire back is by engaging in little trivial matchups throughout the course of the season, instead of already having a fire burning inside to win a world series with this baseball team. 

    I don’t like comments like that, and that type of stuff coupled with the comments Ichiro made earlier in the year about playing for himself and the team will prosper, kinda leads me to believe that he doesn’t want and probably will not be back with the M’s next year and will probably leave for a team that can start up that "fire" for him once again.   But I’ll say one thing, unless Ichiro starts swingin the bat better than he has to start this season then the only fire he’s gonna be lighting is the ones under the hot seats of Bill Bavasi and Mike Hargrove.



  1. cfye@comcast.net

    Hey, I just found your blog and put it on my desktop. I really enjoy reading you and especially appreciate the the news from the minors. I am very interested in “Tui” and looking forward to his getting to the “bigs”

  2. Cody

    Well Thank you, I’m happy to see that someone actually reads this thing. I will continue to keep up on Tui’s progress this year and all the other noteworthy mariners prospects. Let’s hope he can keep up this early season success for the remainder of the season. Thanks again, and have a good one.

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